Unknown Tales from The Helium Balloon Conspiracy

These are dark times. We don’t know what to believe and not to believe in anymore. Milk has water in it. Masalas are mixed with mud in it. Even Maggi had lead in it. We can use any source of joy we can get from anywhere. Now balloons are a happy sight for everyone right… Continue reading Unknown Tales from The Helium Balloon Conspiracy


Confessions of a Drug Smuggling Intern

Life can get pretty boring and monotonous you know. I was thinking one of these days what should I do to make my life a little more interesting. Maybe I should take those guitar lessons I’ve been wanting to do, or I could try drug smuggling. This is what I thought, “If you learn guitar… Continue reading Confessions of a Drug Smuggling Intern

Cigarettes and Stayfree

It all happened on a lazy Sunday afternoon. My father who was a chain smoker had run out of cigarettes and he would have to put on a t-shirt if he wanted to buy some more. My mom who was making our lunch suddenly decided she didn’t want to do that anymore and said that… Continue reading Cigarettes and Stayfree


Deep and Interesting Personal Questions

I saw the phone ringing and the name was one that would get my heart jumping at first, but now it was more like having a friendly chat. "I'm sorry. I'll have to cancel our plan today," she said. "Remi has planned to take me for play. It was a surprise I didn't know I'm… Continue reading Deep and Interesting Personal Questions


Rudolph Gets a Reality Check

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer was tired of being exploited for his red nose. It had gotten so bad that the Arctic Nose Centre had sent him a notice asking him to surrender his red nose as he was robbing jobs of hard working reindeers. Rudolph was aware of this criticism he faced from his… Continue reading Rudolph Gets a Reality Check


Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are you doing to me?

It was just one of those mornings when you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror and life hits you smack in the thought, “What purpose does your life hold anyway? Why don’t you just roll over and die?” The casual passing thought of death fails to unnerve me anymore.… Continue reading Smelly Cat, Smelly Cat, What are you doing to me?


Djesus Trump

Ever since Donald trump won the elections there has been a lot of talk about how unprecedented this is. Some even call it the beginning of the end of the world. And it very well might be. Being a catholic (not a devout one anymore) I found a great joy in this news because if… Continue reading Djesus Trump