How To Identify A Future Terrorist

​There are many ways to pick up whether your child has the knack for science or the arts. When you know these you can hone your child's skill for their career.  However there are so many different fields today and no way to know if your child is good for it. For example, now that… Continue reading How To Identify A Future Terrorist


Mulgi Shikli, Witch Zhali

​After the backlash from their documentary 'India's Daughter' BBC wanted to do a positive story on women in India.  They searched high and low for a truly positive story and found nothing. That was until they went to Latur in the interiors of Maharashtra. That was when the heard of a man called Prashant Patil.… Continue reading Mulgi Shikli, Witch Zhali

Family Drama – The Game Show

​I've always had a love hate relationship with pets since childhood. Like I remember always wanting a dog but my mother always said no. This one time she really got mad and told me, "Look I can only feed so many people in this house. So if I get attached to a dog more than… Continue reading Family Drama – The Game Show


Mentalist Customer Service

​I am a very indecisive person. I prefer to go to restaurants where the menu card is short. This is because can't make even the small decisions by myself. Like the other day the Wi-Fi in my house was down. That's when most interesting things seem to happen, when the Wi-Fi is down.  I called up customer… Continue reading Mentalist Customer Service


After Hoes Before Bros

​You have heard Bros before hoes. But what about buddies? And dudes? Do they come before hoes or after hoes? These are the important questions I'm going to answer here. This is the hierarchy of friendships between boys. The lowest is dude. Everyone is dude. Even if you are not a cool dude you are… Continue reading After Hoes Before Bros


Promotion for A Freelance Suicide Letter Writer

It was the end. Or so I thought. I sat there on the chair, book on the table holding a knife in one hand and pen in the other. I sat, trying to write a suicide letter before killing myself, but I couldn’t. It wasn’t writers block. I was trying hard to remember what my… Continue reading Promotion for A Freelance Suicide Letter Writer


Jesus Doesn’t Want to Give Interviews

I had a near death experience the other day. My WiFi at home stopped working. It showed connected but I could only play the dinosaur game on Google. My life was in limbo. I felt myself passing out on my couch. When I opened my eyes I saw Remo D'Souza looking at me. I asked… Continue reading Jesus Doesn’t Want to Give Interviews