On a Haunting Trip

There aren’t many ways to explain the events of that evening. It was an experience in the supernatural that only few get to hear about and even fewer get to experience. So I will just state the facts and see if you can make some sense of it.

Melvin had just been buried an hour ago. He spent that hour in hell and now began demanding bail. The devil tried explaining the concept of hell to Melvin, but it was in vain.

Being an insurance policy salesman in his life on earth, Melvin convinced the devil he would be back with the right insurance to cover his huge empire in case he dies.

When he did get to earth he asked the devil if he could possess the bodies of his family. His family consisted of a wife, 2 children, an aged grandfather and the now deceased Melvin himself. The devil asked him to sign the possession agreement. He paid for the agreement with 7 drops of blood and ejaculated some sperm as spare change.

When the possession was about to begin, the lights began to flicker. The family say they heard Irfan Khan’s voice asking them to use Syska LED before the all lights went out and then there was complete silence.

In that darkness Melvin shared his soul with all his family members which led to some of the weird happenings.

Now Melvin was an alcoholic. This could explain why an old grandfather of 70 poured and then drank 3 whiskey pegs, singing I’m a Barbie girl.

Every time there was a power cut, it would mean sex for Melvin. That would explain why his wife went for the vibrator in her dressing drawer. She claims it is still possessed and vibrates without batteries sometimes.

Melvin was an anti-religious man and wanted his kids to understand why. In this incident, His children who were playing catch and cook began to play a new game riot-riot.

Here one child will insult or steal the other child’s superhero action figure. Then they will beat the shit out of each other for that. The children learnt their lesson. They are terrified of superhero movies now.

Fortunately before any fatal incident could take place the lights came on and Melvin’s soul had to return back to hell. Here he would be tortured forever for all his sins and more so for not returning with the right insurance policy for the devil.


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